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The installation of a window or door is just as important as the quality of the product. Even with a quality product an improper installation could result in building code violations, air infiltration, and more importantly, water infiltration that could damage the structure of your home. At Accent we use only trained professionals that are licensed and insured. We continually train installers on safety, energy efficiency, product knowledge, Installation Masters training, and manufacturer product installation proto-calls.

We start our process by having our measure technician re-measure each job, also at that time he inspects the areas for any potential installation concerns. Orders are double checked with the original contract for accuracy. Only after all final checks are made, orders are sent to the factory for production. When the factory gives us an estimated shipment date our scheduling coordinator contacts the customer to schedule installation.

We will always treat your home with the utmost respect. Installers are required to use drop clothes to protect floors and furniture. We install windows whenever possible from the outside. This keeps the interior trim from being disturbed or damaged and eliminates the need for it to be repainted. When the window or door is removed the opening is thoroughly checked again for rotten wood and water damage. If we find extensive damage or damage to the structure is uncovered the customer is notified and we discuss options before proceeding with the installation.

Accent uses only premium quality materials for a lifetime of hassle free performance. After the window or door is in the opening we insulate the proper places. Then we check the product to make sure it is square and operates smoothly, and then secure it into place. We wrap the exterior surrounding wood with maintenance free aluminum and matching caulk (selected by customer). Next we caulk the interior. Finally we wash the new windows, clean up and prepare for haul away of old windows or doors. As a last step the lead installer will show you how to operate the product and do a final walkthrough to insure satisfaction.


Skills and Knowledge Requirements of an Installer

Basic measurement skills
Woodworking ability
An understanding of wall construction
An understanding of the proper use tools normal to the construction trade
Working knowledge of State, and Local codes and regulations

Our installers are trained based on industry accepted practices and principles.





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